Killman Creek by Rachel Caine


cover118710-mediumKillman Creek starts off where the first book Stillhouse Lake ended. Gwen Proctor is on the run with her two children after her serial killer husband Melvin Royal breaks from jail. A lifetime ago Gwen Proctor was Gina Royal , a subdued , quiet meek housewife who had no idea that her husband was butchering innocent girls in their garage but Gwen is not Gina anymore and is ready to fight back. With the help of her friend Sam Cade and his FBI colleague Gwen decides to hunt Melvin down before he or any of his cronies hurt her or her kids.

I enjoyed the first book but I absolutely loved the second book. Rachel Caine did a wonderful job bringing forward Gwen’s intensity and her fierce desire to protect her kids at any cost. The book is narrated with different POV’s which gives us an insight to what all the characters are feeling. Some twists and turns and nonstop action makes it a great read for all suspense/thriller fans. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

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Homecoming by T.L.Haddix

cover118710-mediumLauren Grant is a single divorced mom who owns a café in a small town Leroy  in Indiana. She lives a quiet peaceful life near her parents and is best friends with her ex-husband and his wife . Due to a horrifying incident in her teenage years that left an impression on her she is unable to form a long lasting relationship in her life but then comes along her parents good looking ex-marine neighbor Charlie Clark and his cat Rumble. He is sweet, gentle, patient and finally Lauren believes that she might be able to have a happy ending but all that comes crashing down when  somebody from her past returns and is seeking revenge

This is the first in the romantic suspense series with a lot of interesting characters introduced in the book . It’s not much of a suspense story as you know the suspect at the start itself but is a nice slow moving romance with a predictable end. Overall 3 ½ stars and am looking forward to reading about other characters in this series.t

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Hide and Seek by Richard Parker

cover118710-mediumAfter Lana prevents the kidnapping of her four year old boy she lives in the constant fear as the kidnapper  leaves Lana with a chilling message “ tomorrow “ When they receive holiday  tickets to an adventure park , Todd her husband thinks it will be a good change for them as a family . But Todd is attacked and Cooper is kidnapped making Lana’s worst nightmare come true. The police are involved but both parents refuse to take their help and try to rescue Cooper by following their own leads . With Lana following an app in which she believes the kidnapper is leaving her a trail; her husband follows a different route as he believes his secret is the one that led to his son’s kidnapping. It is a race against time to reach and rescue Cooper from the hands of a madman

The book is my first by Richard Parker and is a good action packed fast paced thriller. I would rate it  3 1/2 stars as even though there was nonstop action the two different plots did not work for me and some of the things seemed implausible. Overall though a fast read with some heart pounding moments

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Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna

ACCIDENTJamie runs inside a store for a few minutes and leaves her two girls Bailey 8 and Kylie 10 year old in  the car . She comes back to find them missing with nobody having a clue where they went . The police department is short staffed so Alice Vega, a private investigator, who has a great track record for finding missing kids is hired by the family . She enlists the help of an ex-cop Max Caplan to help her with the search. A lot of suspects and very few clues makes finding the girls an almost impossible task for Vega and Max.

A fast paced, good mystery book with great  but flawed characters makes it an interesting read. Vega is a tough no-nonsense detective lacking some social skills while Cap is a family loving detective who misses his job as a cop. The dynamics between Cap and his teenage daughter was also fun to read . I would definitely look forward to more by this author

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The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

cover118710-mediumIn 1950 Idlewild Hall is a place for unwanted, troubled girls. Four roommates Sonia, Katie, CeCe and Roberta form an unlikely strong bond over a mysterious ghost that haunts Idlewild Hall and preys on your fears till one of them disappears without leaving a clue about her whereabouts.

In 2014 Fiona Sheridan, a freelance journalist, cannot let go of her sister’s death which happened 20 years ago on the grounds of Idlewild Hall. Even though her sister’s boyfriend was convicted of the crime Fiona always felt there was something amiss. When a mysterious buyer starts the project of restoring the abandoned building and a body is found on the grounds Fiona starts investigating the past and what actually happened the night of her sister’s death.

The Broken Girls is my first read by Simone St. James and definitely won’t be my last. Written in alternating timelines she keeps the story flowing seamlessly. The friendship between the girls and Fiona’s love for her sister was portrayed beautifully with suspense and a ghost story added in the mix. A clever, well written book that I would definitely recommend for all mystery, suspense lovers.

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The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks; Sarah Pekkanen

cover117822-mediumVanessa was married to a charming rich hedge fund manager Richard and seemingly had a perfect life. But Richard is now engaged to another while Vanessa is picking up the pieces of her shattered life. Vanessa in an alcoholic haze and ridden with jealousy starts stalking the fiancée but nothing is what it seems.

This book is a gripping domestic tale of deceit, love, relationships and betrayal. Full of twists and turns ,unreliable narrator and a complex story-line makes it a compelling read. A great addition to the domestic psychological genre

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Deadly Spirits by E. Michael Helms

31146881Private Investigator Mac McClellan reluctantly joins his girlfriend Kate in a nightly excursion with the Palmetto  Paranormal society. During the trip the society president is found dead at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck. The death though ruled as an accident raises Mac’s suspicions and when more bodies start turning up Mac is convinced there is more at play than the ghostly spirits.

This is the fourth book in the series but can read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed trying to guess who the killer was but got it completely wrong. The dialogue was witty and hilarious and I loved the interaction between Mac and his dog Henry.  4 stars from me for this good old-fashioned mystery with interesting characters.

I would like to thank the author E.Michael Helms for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Play Dead by Angela Marsons

ACCIDENTPlay dead by Angela Marsons in the 4th thrilling  installment in DI Kim Stone’s series

DI Kim Stone is back on another exciting case. There are fresh bodies turning up in a body farm with dirt in their mouths. It’s a perfect place to commit a crime as the bodies can remain undiscovered for a very long time. Kim and her team race against time to find the killer before he claims more victims.

Play Dead is a fantastic addition to the series which gives more insight to Kim’s character without taking away from the mystery. Fast paced suspense , creative writing , interesting characters with a great ending makes it a must read from me

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I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

ACCIDENTElla is on the way home when she overhears two men flirting with two teenagers in the train. Her amusement turns to concern when she learns the two men have just been released from prison . She thinks about warning the girls but at the last moment decides to mind her own business. The next day to her horror she realizes one of the girls , Anna Ballard , is missing and nobody knows what happened to her . A year later there is still no trace of Anna and Ella is racked with guilt about not warning the girls off. The police still don’t  have  clue but when an anniversary special about Anna airs on TV, Ella starts getting threatening letters and hires a private detective Matthew to get to the bottom of it. When Matthew starts investigating different things come to light and everybody including Anna’s father and her best friend have secrets to hide.

An interesting story line narrated with different POV’s in third and first person . A good enough mystery with a lot of suspects but for some reason I could not relate to the characters. There was a lot of backstory and details about the flower shop that was unrelated to the plot which made me skip through some pages. Overall 3 ½ stars as the suspect was a complete surprise

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Friends and Other Liars by Kaela Coble

afterThe “Crew “is a story of a group of five friends, Ruby, Emmett, Murphy, Danny and Ally. They form an early friendship in school and decide to be honest and stay together no matter what, but life happens and everybody goes their separate ways. Eventually they are brought together at Danny’s funeral but Danny left a letter for each of them revealing their biggest secret, threatening to expose them beyond the grave if they are not truthful to each other. Will exposing the secrets bring them closer or drive a wedge between their friendships never to be mended again?

The book is divided between different POV’s going back and forth between the past and present. I felt it was a little slow at times and no big suspenseful reveals but interesting dynamics between friends. A good contemporary read about relationships and how they shape us. 3 ½ stars from me

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