Undertow by Elizabeth Heathcote

undertowCarmen is newly married Tom who has three kids with ex-wife Laura. Before Tom met Carmen, he had an affair with another woman Zena while he was married to Laura. Carmen a free-lance journalist while going through Tom’s old laptop discovers that Zena died under mysterious circumstances with suspicion falling on Tom. Due to lack of any evidence though Zena’s death was declared as accidental drowning. Through her investigative skills though Carmen discovers discrepancies in Tom’s explanation of that night. Was Tom really capable of such a heinous crime with his kids around and if he did commit it was Carmen really safe with him?

I did like the concept of the book but the execution of the story didn’t actually work for me. I found the book very slow and didn’t really warm up to Carmen. I did not expect the ending so I would give it and extra ½ star for that. I am sure other people might enjoy the book but it was not for me.

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When I Wake Up by Jessica Jarlvi

when iAnna is a high school teacher in a small Swedish community who is viciously attacked in the parking lot and left for dead. She is in coma and her husband Erik, looking after their twin boys is out for revenge. Little by little Erik starts unraveling Anna’s life and her secrets which includes a student stalking her and a secret affair with a married lover. Erik meanwhile has his own problems as his one night stand has become very emotionally invested in him. There are a lot of people that have a hidden motive to hurt Anna and when finally, the suspect was revealed it was quite a surprise.

This story is told from multiple POV’s and multiple timeline but is easy to keep track of. The characters though not very likable were complex and very well developed. A fair warning the book did have some explicit sex scenes. Overall I would rate it 3 ½ to 4 stars and would definitely look forward to reading more by Jessica Jarlvi.

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Guilty by Laura Elliot

guiltyGuilty is a tense psychological thriller by Laura Elliott focusing on how media can build or destroy a person’s reputation by a few words.

Constance Lawson , a 13 year old disappears one night and the suspicion falls on her uncle Karl .
Innocent gestures are cast in a disturbing light and Karl’s life, career, family and finally freedom was destroyed in the process . Leading the media frenzy is local journalist Amanda trying to further her career with this story.

The book is divided in four parts. The first deals with Constance’s disappearance, the next two with how this story effects Amanda and her life . The final part deals with Karl’s fight for justice and revenge

The first part was a quick read, the 2nd and 3rd dragged for me and the 4th felt a little rushed. Overall an interesting concept which proves the age old saying “Pen is mightier than a sword.”

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Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

seeing redAt the 25th anniversary of the Pegasus bombing Kerra Bailey, a local reporter wants to interview the national hero Major Franklin Trapper, who saved along with others a 5-year-old girl from the building. The Major though had refused all interviews the past few years and Kerra’s only hope to meet the Major was through his son, John Trapper ,an ex ATF officer who now ran a detective agency. After the interview an attempt was made at Kerra and the Major’s life which led to a non stop action with murder, kidnapping , FBI , Texas Rangers and a shady lawyer all thrown in the mix.

This was a great romantic suspense by Sandra Brown that I finished in a few hours. It has a lots of twists and turns with a few surprises at the end. The sarcastic banter between Trapper and Kerra along with the sizzling romance and with non-stop actin makes this book quite an entertaining read that I would recommend to all mystery lovers.

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The Murder Game by Julie Apple

murderMeredith Delaney is a Crown Prosecutor who has been assigned the murder case of well-known hockey player but the suspect is her old friend from college Julian. Defending the suspect is her on and off ex-boyfriend from law school Jonathan. Meredith, Jonathan , Lilly and Julian were a tight close knit group in law school. The book has alternating timelines from the present with Meredith fighting the case to the past where the group met for the first time.

This is good legal drama story especially for fans of “ How to get away with Murder”. I was not as invested in it as much as Fractured but it was overall a fast entertaining read with a rating of 3 ½ stars.

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Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

fracturedJulie Apple , a bestselling author, and her husband Daniel with their twin 6 year old’s just moved to an idyllic neighborhood in Cincinnati to escape her stalker. The new neighborhood proves to be far from perfect with lots of bylaws, a busybody and gossiping neighbors. She finds a friend though in her married neighbor John but a series of misunderstandings with other people along with a threatening note makes her believe that her stalker might be back.

This story is told from Julie and John’s POV over a 12-month time period going back and forth from past to present leading up to a tragic incident which is hinted throughout the book but revealed at the end.

This is a very well written book which was hard to put down and I would definitely recommend it to all mystery and psychological book lovers. I cannot wait to start The Murder Game , the best-selling book that Catherine McKenzie’s character Julie wrote.

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The Hangman by Mary Burton

hangmanThe Hangman is the third book in The Forgotten Series by Mary Burton and can be read as a stand-alone.

Julia Vargas is re-investigating The Hangman case her father was working on before committing suicide. Meanwhile Tobias Novak, a homicide detective, is investigating a crime scene in a burnt building where a woman’s body is discovered. Next to the body is a picture of Julia with her dad when she was a little girl. Julia has no idea how the picture ended at the scene of crime and how the victim was connected to her dad. Is this a copycat killer or is the old Hangman back ? When more victims connected to Julia start turning up it is a race against time

This is a good mystery novel and I loved the characters especially Julia , who is a strong independent woman. The romance between Julia and Novak was a nice distraction and the back story of the characters were interesting. Overall a good read!

Many thanks to the publisher & NetGalley for this sample copy in exchange for my honest and fair review.