What she knew by Gilly Macmillan

burntWow!! What a fantastic read this book is. Burnt Paper Sky (UK) or What she knew (US edition) is the debut novel by British author, Gilly Macmillan and it does not seem like it. This s a very emotional story that gripped me from the very beginning.
Rachael a newly divorced photographer and her son, Ben go for a walk in the woods like any other Sunday.Distracted by her sisters phone call, Rachel allows Ben to run ahead to the swings. When she reaches there, Ben is nowhere to be found.
This is a raw emotional story of a mom’s search for her missing son. It is narrated from the perspectives of Rachel and Jim Clemo, the detective leading the investigation. It also contains blogs, emails and news articles. In this day and age of intense social media scrutiny Rachel who is already feeling guilty gets tried and persecuted by public.
It is a faced paced riveting novel which makes you feel all the grief and hopelessness Rachel and the guilt the dad is feeling for leaving his family. Lots of family secrets are revealed, friends cannot be trusted and everywhere Rachel turns around there is betrayal to be found.
This is not a book packed with suspense but it is a great read and I would give it 5 stars as the author takes a difficult subject and handles beautifully.

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