Before The Fall by Noah Hawley

beforeBefore the fall is a complex intriguing novel by Noah Hawley.
David Bateman a multibillionaire cable network producer charters a private plane leaving Martha Vineyard. Traveling along with him are his wife Maggie, his 9  year daughter Rachel , his 4 year old son JJ , their bodyguard Gil , a Wall Street financier Ben and wife Sarah and a recovering  alcoholic painter Scott .Sixteen minutes after the flight takes off it crashes in the ocean and the lone survivors are Scott and the JJ. With almost inhuman strength Scott swims ashore with JJ on his back fighting the cold and the shark infested waters. At home Scott is declared a hero but in this this day and age of media coverage no one is safe. Bill Cunningham a media reporter who wants to take advantage of the situation labels Scott as a opportunist, terrorist etc. building up the hype
This book goes back and forth between the stories of eleven people who were in the plane and the FBI’s investigation of the crash. Noah has spun a great story with enough intrigue to keep turning the pages trying to find what is going to happen next. A definite must read novel for all genres.

Many thanks to the publisher & NetGalley for this advance reader copy in exchange for my honest and fair review.

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